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img_2392Here is a collection of my most-used power tools – handy for just about anything you might want to make or fix…






There are so many things you can do with B&Q: my “go – to” store for all my projects. I’ve built up a collection of power tools over the years.. img_1101img_1132

My most-used power tools: Cordless pruning saw, cordless screwdriver / drill, electric jigsaw, electric sander,  mitre saw, chainsaw, electric planer

Electric sander, much used as you can see:) fullsizeoutput_1022

Electric multi-purpose mitre saw, latest  addition to my tool collection- wish I had bought one before.





Black & Decker 12″ Electric chainsaw: essential for cutting logs for the stove this winter.






Having struggled for years trying to master the knack of using the hand planer that used to belong to my dad, without any success, I decided to buy an electric version as there were so many jobs that required the use of a plane, such as making the rustic bathroom door. I chose the Mac Allister 750W 2mm Planer as it was good value and had good reviews. It works very well and is quite powerful so it’s best to take off a little bit at a time. My only problem with it is that it is bigger and heavier than I imagined. I would have liked a smaller more manageable model, but all the different makes available were about the same size. The planer produces a lot of wood dust, so if working indoors it is advisable to fit the dust bag provided, and wear a mask.


Heavy Duty Shelving

To make room for all these tools, not to mention piles of timber, insulation, plywood etc that were filling the garage to the extent that I couldn’t get my car in (essential during the cold winter months) I have just installed heavy duty shelving from B&Q. I chose this as it has very good reviews, and having seen it in store, it was clearly stronger than other garage shelving. It was delivered very quickly, and has proved strong and sturdy enough to accommodate a tremendous amount. Secured to the wall for safety, it holds a great deal of weight. It is advisable to varnish the chipboard shelves to prevent moisture absorption. I used a coat of floor varnish.



Saw Horse

Here are photos of a saw-horse I bought through Ebay a few years ago. It is still in regular use. More expensive than some, but it has the advantages of safely holding logs securely whilst you are cutting them, without having to readjust the log for further cuts, which saves a lot of time. As you can see, it holds quite large logs.



B&Q isn’t just for tools, of course. All your gardening, building, decorating, lighting, kitchen, bathroom and home furnishing requirements can be found there too.

Whilst browsing on, you can now check the stock availability on products for up to three B&Q stores of your choice at any one time. If none of the stores you choose has stock, B&Q will tell you the nearest store that does.

Building a project-shopping list has never been easier. When researching on, simply select your chosen items to build your project-shopping list. When completed, you can print off and take into your local B&Q store to purchase.

In addition, do not forget, is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week and you can still buy over 6,000 products online.

 Worldwide online shop stock a vast range of tools, home and leisure products, toys and more. Your order will be sent out the same day. Ideal for presents, as well as anything else you need for yourself.

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