Log Burner

We chose a Charnwood Island III, as we had a large space to heat.It certainly warms up the barn very quickly, and we feel very cosy on cold winter evenings. This is in fact a multi-fuel stove, which means you can use other fuels apart from wood, but we stick to logs as they are readily available locally; in fact we cut most from own woodland. The stove has double doors and takes quite big logs.

 The stove was installed before the floor. It is laid on a reclaimed slate slab, which I believe came from the bed of a snooker table. The stove’s feet are sunk slightly below floor level because the floor joists had to be raised due to the original concrete floor having a considerable slope from one end to the other. This turned out quite well because it means that ash and cinders that drop out of the stove are contained by the slate surround, which we constructed from reclaimed slate blocks . Also it means that heat from the stove is nearer to floor level. (Just make sure you allow sufficient clearance to open the doors when building your hearth!)

Behind the stove I would like to cover the wall with slate cladding. I have obtained samples of some that is commercially available,  but perhaps I could split the blocks of leftover reclaimed slate which I already have into thinner pieces and stick them on the wall, for a more rugged effect? There are videos on Youtube showing how to do this, so I plan to give it a try… what do you think?

My  heap of reclaimed slate

Slate cladding

The addition of a stove-top fan  helps to distribute heat across the room, and is very effective. It is powered by the heat from the stove. Everyone I know with a log burner has added a fan!





 The stove top and surface will get very hot. A fire guard is particularly important when young children are around. This one comes with a set of tools, with bars to hang them on. It tucks away behind the stove when not in use.

The large hessian bag for logs came from The Range.



Clearing out ash is made much easier and less messy by using a Pifco Hot Ash vacuum

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