Lighting is such a crucial element in any situation.

We finally took down the old 6 foot fluorescent tubes, and replaced them with a variety of light fittings with a vintage, rustic  or industrial vibe.

chandelier above the bath to add a bit of glamour  1147914e-9b81-40df-865b-b35c7fde53e3








pendant light – kitc92d8ebed-f049-4a7d-900c-ed100e645929-2hen  03a8afa6-51ab-4f2c-845f-e1acf94a209d








rope lights above breakfast bar  8d927751-dcd0-46f6-a342-e2dadfe87ca2-23b79b8cf-018c-4380-94ee-58d7db85633e



Various bulbs available to fit rope lights



pool table light (second hand from Preloved)img_0053

c7451ba0-2449-45c7-9e2a-dfdd1ab69290Pool table light with shades from Ebay

industrial wall lights (Ebay) I bought 6 from  mjknobsandknockers  wall-lights-for-barns-l1600-2

img_1957The lights do not come with any wiring. I tried using twisted fabric flex as I thought it would look vintage, but it kept fraying at the ends which made attaching the wires to the bulb holder rather difficult, so I gave up and used plastic coated flex instead, in a gold colour. It looks fine, and you only see a few inches of it, but for pendant lamps where quite a lot of the flex is visible, I have noticed recently that you can now buy twisted flex ready wired to a bulb holder, some with a removable plug at the end, in a variety of colours and even some with Bakelite ceiling fittings, (if you are old enough to remember) which would make wiring a lot easier  and really adds to the vintage look.


I have used one of these fittings for this lovely Moroccan lamp which I have just bought for the bedroom, from Ebay. Flex from Ebay. Chain from B&Q. This Moroccan style goes nicely with the bedside lights, and I have now added Moroccan corner shelves, which you can see on my furniture page, to add to the ethnic theme.

IMG_7835 IMG_0646 2


Bedside lamp, one of a pair.


 Moroccan lanterns, a present from my sister





Owl lampshade from The Range.

Lamp Base from B&Q

Outside Lighting

    img_6543 IMG_7234

Outside Lamp with inbuilt sensor from B&Q

IMG_6890Of course, you can’t beat Nature’s own lighting effects. We are blessed with fabulous sunsets…

A “supermoon” shining through the roof window on a rainy night.IMG_9429


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