Barn Wall Decor

Once most of the work was completed, we could start putting up the eclectic collection of signs, plaques, pictures and various other decorations which were waiting to see the light of day. Where possible I have included a note of where they came from, but in some  cases I simply can’t recall where I found them!



Farmers’ Market sign from Wayfair

IMG_2102 2

IMG_2844 2Lightbox, a Christmas present. Comes with a set of letters so you can change the wording. I think the owls came from Portugal.

IMG_3028 2Horns from Pembroke Antiques Centre

IMG_9326 2 Antlers, a present bought from an antiques fair.


IMG_3447 2

IMG_4679 2

From Wayfair

IMG_5972 2

From Wayfair 

IMG_7253 2IMG_7704 2Large coffee sign from Ebay


Bear Hug sign from  B&Q

hang hat

IMG_5934 2

The above 2 signs I made myself by transferring images onto wood.

IMG_7234Outside: Cartwheels (or owl’s eyes!)

owl plaque

Owl plaque from BM store.

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