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Hello, thanks for dropping by.  As you are reading this, it is likely that we share a common interest, so please stay a while! I hope you will join me on this journey, an ongoing voyage showing the creation of a unique barnutopia full of rustic / industrial / vintage / up cycled / country / farmhouse character, from what was a neglected, derelict building.

Along the way you will find useful links to materials, tools, techniques, ideas and useful or decorative items, discovered through many hours of intensive research and much trial and error. When I couldn’t get on with the work during cancer treatment, I kept myself busy researching, planning and organising the next steps. Hopefully this will save you a lot of time. I will not recommend anything unless it is something I own or have used, or have researched for quality and value and would like to share. I hope you will pick up some useful inspiration along the way, whether you are developing a barn-style environment or just want to incorporate a rustic ambiance into your home decor. Feel free to share your own suggestions so that we can build a treasure trove of ideas. I am not a professional blogger. I am still learning the basics. My photos are taken with my phone, not an expensive camera. But I want to share the experience of losing oneself in an absorbing and rewarding project, so if that resonates with you, please bear with me!

In the Beginning

minibrixAs a child, some of my favourite occupations were Minibrix construction toys, (notice in the old advert, the boy builds whilst the girl watches admiringly – that was so not going to be me!) making things out of wood in the garage using Dad’s tools, and building dens in the woods. Several decades on, nothing much has changed! Finally, I am blessed to be able to combine these and other things I have grown to love, by gradually bringing life to an old, unloved outbuilding, working on it together with my beloved partner. The project will probably never be finished, simply because I enjoy it so much. Fresh inspiration just keeps arriving! First, let’s see how was in the beginning. Then we can take a look at how it evolves, step by step…

The barn was falling into decay

Let’s face it – these early photos look dull and depressing – and quite frankly, the prospect looked almost too daunting to tackle. Where to begin? Obviously with any old building, the top priority is to make the roof watertight!

Photo-0007Constructed by a previous owner, the wooden building had been used as a workshop and storage for an antique furniture business. Following years of decay and exposure to the wind and rain sweeping over from the Welsh hills, it needed a new roof. The concrete floor sloped considerably from one end to the other. Wooden walls had holes in them, needed painting, and provided little protection from the cold. The wind blew in through metal window frames from which the panes had fallen out. The electric wiring needed replacing. There was no plumbing or water supply. There were iron bars across all the windows!



The building backs onto a steep hillside. Over the years, a deep mulch of leaf mould had accumulated in the narrow gap behind the building. Squirrels had chewed their way through the wooden walls, which were in need of painting and had many gaps which needed filling. Cobwebs festooned the ceiling.

And yet !!!  Read on to see what happens next…


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